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where your deepest fantasy comes true.

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Anonymous asked: Can u send me a list of chris brown sex stories you've worked on? Thx bae

whoooo, that’s A LOT, lmao i’ma have to make a post with all the links. i’ll do that for you though :)

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lif30fawallflow3r asked: I miss ur stories😖😖😖,when are you coming back😩😩

i’m here i just haven’t found the time to write any fantasies. between the fanfic i’m writing and my work shcedule, my time is tight.

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Anonymous asked: Girlfriend Cheating on boyfriend with his friend. Dirty talkin

hm.. that’s a good one.

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Anonymous asked: What happened to sex stories? 🌼💘

i’m here, it’s just been a while.

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Anonymous asked: do u like to write anything else besides that

of course! i write books and i have plenty of fanfics here on tumblr, :)

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Anonymous asked: Can you write more stories of Chris with thicker girls (big boobs, big butt. Etc.)


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Anonymous asked: Can you please make a August Alsina imagine please . -Lil Takeoff

we’ll see ;)

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Anonymous asked: Do you take requests ? I'm going to be honest, I don't really know how to write sex scenes and it bothers me… maybe because I've never had sex?

sometimes. and honestly, knowing what sex feels like is a BIG plus to writing fanfics or any kind of story with sexual content. focus on your imagination, imagine what sex would feel like for you. after all, imagnation is the key :)