What's your fantasy?

where your deepest fantasy comes true.

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Anonymous asked: I'll be so incredibly happy when you update... ☺

in good time love ;)

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Anonymous asked: I'm not trying to irritate you with this question but do you know when you're coming back? I really really miss you, Christina * pokes lip out * 😢😪😰😒😣😫

i’ve been back too, lol i just haven’t written any fantasies because i’m finishing up a fanfic i’ve been working on!

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Anonymous asked: You gonna do your raunchy Chris brown dream?

ohhh bahaha, i forgot all about that! but yes, yes i will :) give me some time love and i got you! lol.

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Anonymous asked: stare is spelled stared && staring

i know, i’m aware of the mistakes.. lol. i just don’t feel like going through every single one of them and fixing them.

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Anonymous asked: I got ten thick inches on me I could have you crying .. And I'm not being thirsty bol I'm just playing along witcha .. 😉

oh damn, ten inches? hmmm, lol.

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Anonymous asked: Can I fuck you?

the real question is.. is are you good enough? ;) lmao.

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Anonymous asked: Until you get back do you recommend any blogs as good as yours?

honestly, i don’t and i don’t mean that in a cocky way, i mean i really don’t read fanfics, or other fantasies.